Full Truck Loading

Full truck loading means that only one company’s goods are loaded on the truck. Our company is ready to offer you any type and of any specifics truck according to your and your suppliers’ needs. We need maximum three days to arrange the truck arrival to the needed place at the scheduled time. After loading, the truck with your (only one company’s) goods drives directly to the final destination. We work at the full truck loading throughout Europe and Turkey.

We transport full trucks from any location of Europe towards Georgia and Armenia. With us you have an opportunity to transport full trucks from Turkey at the best rates. We have an ability to offer you any number of trucks of any size. We need maximum 1 day to arrange the arrival of the truck to the location and only 2-3 days for transportation to the final destination. Our company has its own Broker Agency in Turkey which gives you a guarantee of preparing and in case of need correcting all the possibly needed documents (EX1, TIR, etc.). We offer you all the services featured to the full truck loading:

  • Transportation of normal cargo;
  • Transportation of goods which need temperature control;
  • Transportation of hazardous goods;
  • Transportation of perishable goods;
  • Preparing of needed documents.

       Air Freight

Our company offers you air freight from any location throughout the world. When transporting your cargo by air you receive it in the shortest time (3-5 days). By all means air freight is generally more expensive than other types of transportation but sometimes it is a very needed and profitable service because of giving you an opportunity to receive your goods very fast. Our company offers you air transportation of any type of goods. We guarantee you the best prices on the goods with packing of bigger sizes (more than 30 kg). We have an ability to pick up your cargo from any location throughout the world and deliver it to the nearest airport where it will be transported from to the final one or transport it from the airport where it is delivered by your supplier in case of agreement.

The service of air freight of our company refers to:

  • Pick up the goods from its location and deliver to the airport;
  • Goods warehousing;
  • Preparing of all needed documents;
  • Transporting of goods which need temperature control;
  • In case of transporting hazardous goods controlling and managing the whole process of preparing and introducing the necessary documents;
  • Delivery to the final airport.

       Sea Transportation

For "TBC TRANS" Sea Freight is a newly opened direction. During the company's two years operation on the market we didn't have the Sea Freight Service, because we think that every company should be oriented on those directions which they are the strongest in. Despite of this opinion, when company opened it's own branch in Armenia, there arised a huge demand of Sea Transportation Service. In the aim of meeting this demand, we formed a new direcion of Sea Freight. Nowadays this direction is in the process of refinement, but we are glad to mention that our rates are already competitive on both Georgian and Armenian markets. Ocean Freight is widely used type of transportation because of it's cost efficiency.

Our services:

  • Full Container Transportation;
  • Transportation From Port To Port;
  • Door To Door Transportation;
  • Preparation of Export Documents;
  • Cargo Insurance;

       Road transportation

Organization of FTL transportations; Organization of consolidated cargoes transportations LCL; Organization of oversized, long length and heavy-lift cargoes transportation by road including provision with the required documentation; Organization of nonstandard road transportations: dangerous, fragile, perishable and temperature sensitive cargoes.

       Dangerous Cargo

Goods that can harm environment and human health are considered to be dangerous goods. Transportation of dangerous goods are implemented according to the international agreement concerning dangerous goods (ADR) and according to the special instructions. For transportation of the specially arranged transportation facilities are used with appropriate license and drivers are specially trained.

  • Explosive Materials And Things;
  • Compressed And Dissolved Under Pressure Gases;
  • Flammable Liquid;
  • Flammable Solids;
  • Oxidizing Agents And ORganic Peroxides;
  • Toxic And Infectious Substances;
  • Radioactive Substances;
  • Corrosive Substances;
  • Miscellaneous Substances.

       Out Of Gauge Cargo Transportation

Out of gauge cargo is one of the non-standard sizes which cannot be transported by ordinary truck or container. The dimensions of out of gauge cargo are more than 13.6 m of length, 2.5 m of width, 3 m of height and 24 tone of weight. The transportation of out of gauge cargo needs special technics and permissions, but the main task is the right management of the perfect engineering plan. Our company has a great capability of maintaining out of gauge cargo transporting from any European country towards Georgia and Armenia.

The following tasks are served by our company referred to out of gauge cargo transportation:

  • Planning transportation routes and schedule;
  • Selection and scheduled delivery of special technics needed for the transportation;
  • Preparing of special permissions and other documentation;
  • Control of loading and unloading of the out of gauge cargo from the side of security manager;
  • Organization of secure and escort.

       Less Than Truck Load

We offer you less than truckload transportation if you have no need of full truck loading for your cargo. In this case, your goods will be loaded on the truck completed with the goods of other companies and you will be able to receive the cargo in the short time with minimal costs.We have an ability of offering you loading your goods at any moment from any destination of Europe. We need maximum 3 days to take the goods from its location. Following our experience we managed to minimize the time of delivery from any destination of Europe to 12-15 days.Our company offers you delivery of less than truckload goods from Europe to Georgia and Armenia.

The service of less than truckload transportation consists of:

  • Transportation of goods of any packing;
  • Transportation of hazardous goods;
  • Preparing of necessary documents.

Locations of our warehouses in Europe:

  • Bulgaria
  • Italy
  • Germany